Adding custom fields to your WordPress template

Custom Fields are a nice feature in WordPress that allow you to include content that is separate from your main post or page. This is useful if you want to include a different image in your header depending on the post or page ID or if you want to show differant banner ads for individual posts. For this example I’m going to include a custom banner ad above the main content of the post.

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WordPress Website Setup

Setting up a basic WordPress website is a good option for businesses who wish to have a  professional up-datable website,  but do not want to spend a huge amount of money. Read more…

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

One of the main reasons that WordPress is so useful is that there is a community of developers creating  ready to use plugins.  It is these plugins that provide the additional functionality that make WordPress such a powerful and versatile piece of software. All you need to do as a webmaster to benefit is to  install and configure them.

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5 free eCommerce Platforms

There are literally dozens of quality free eCommerce platforms available to anyone who’s looking to set up a business online. They can be set up and maintained with relative ease and can be customised with a little extra work too.

Today I’m going to look briefly at 5 of them. 3 are stand alone solutions and 2 are add-ons for WordPress and Joomla respectively. Read more…

SEO Training in Dublin

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of web development that is often overlooked. It is a separate discipline in itself that takes time and money to get right.

It is hugely important to design and develop with an awareness of how search engines index and rank sites however as the original design and development is the foundation on which any SEO campaign is built.

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WordPress, CMS Made Easy

WordPress is best known as a blogging platform but it offers  much more and can be used as a fully functional CMS system.  In addition to allowing users to write blog posts, it also allows them to create pages, customise multiple menus, and add a range of additional features in the form of plug-ins.

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BTW Meet-up, April 21st

The next BTW event is on April 21st. It will be hosted in O’Byrne’s Beverage House on North King Street and kicks off at about 8pm.  O’Byrnesis a nice little spot with some really tasty craft beers.

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Building a Portfolio Website

Having a great online portfolio is vital for any graphic designer, web designer, artist or photographer. Your website is the medium through which you are showcasing yourself and your work to the world and therefore the standard needs reflect this. It is vital that the design of the website complements the style of your work but also that it is user friendly, functional and uses good quality mark-up.

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Website Refresh

Sometimes a change is better than a rest, and sometimes a refresh is better than an entire rediesign. It can also ne more cost effective  :)

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