Content Management Systems

We offer a range of content management solutions from budget options such as WordPress and Joomla to more advanced solutions using Expression Engine.

All of our content managed websites allow content such as text, images and video to be added and edited by non-technical staff. The software we use depends on the clients objectives, the brief and the budget.

Listed below are the 3 most popular content management systems that we use.


WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform that can easily be converted into powerful content management software. There are literally thousands of plug-ins and themes freely available so it can be easily customised to do almost anything.



Joomla is the world’s most widely used CMS and application framework. It is extremely powerful and can be used for almost anything from social networks, to intranets, to large corporate sites.

In-built features include user manager, media manager, syndication and newsfeed management, menu manager and much more. Like WordPress it can also be extended to provide additional functionality. We can design and build customised Joomla powered sites.

Expression Engine

Expression Engine is probably the most flexible CMS and publishing platform out there. It offers great ‘out of the box’ functionality with features such as custom entry fields, image resizing and thumbnailing, and mailing list management being just a few. We use expression engine for larger sites or clients looking for a more advanced solutions.

Please contact us for more information about our content management solutions.